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Life Coach Connection



Ronda Loveridge is certified Life Coach, mom to 5, married to her favorite human.  She loves learning new things, traveling, and spending time with her family camping and hiking in the mountains. 


On a typical day you might find her at pilates class, in her office coaching, cheering for her children at their chosen activities, or out to lunch with her friends. It doesn't take a lot to make her happy because she has learned that she already has everything she has ever wanted.  

Let me introduce you to my Life Coach.

I was introduced to Ronda Loveridge, a certified Life Coach, by my sister, Natalie Gessell, who is also a certified Life Coach.


Ronda helped me understand and change my negative thoughts.

She coached me through "I'm not worthy" and "I don't know."  

These thoughts were holding me back and God knew I needed help to move forward. 

Through Ronda's coaching, I was able to move past the unworthy feelings I was holding onto for 4 decades, and the limiting thought "I don't know how" that lingered due to anxiety and fear. It is awesome to say,

"I don't know, yet!" and "yes" more often. 

After many promptings, and because my thoughts changed to

"I am worthy!" and "I will figure it out!,"

I decided to write a book; a gentle-guided journey to help YOU garnish your thoughts. 

I asked Ronda to share her insights at the end of each chapter, and include her here, on my website, to create a life coach connection for others searching for a coach to help them/YOU garnish your thoughts further, and let go of whatever is holding YOU back so you can radiate your divine nature. 

You can find Ronda Loveridge on Instagram AND Facebook.

Let her know I sent YOU.


Love and Light,

Michelle Gessell

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