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Pens & More

Never let messes hold you back!

It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. 

 I hope you'll be okay with the messes you make, so you can find the message for you.

-Michelle Gessell


My favorite watercolor markers are made by Winsor & Newton. They have a dual tip.


Some ghosting  (ink bleeding through to the other side of the page) may occur. 


This doesn't stop me from using them because I see my wide-margin scriptures like a workbook. 


IF this is bothersome to you, you  can treat pages with matte medium first. I like to use Liquitex, matte medium. Use a sponge brush to apply. 

Let dry and then you can use just about any kind of medium.  

I have also liked to use THINK dual tip brush pens. 

[I am not an affiliated with  these products.]


[I am not an affiliated with these products.]


The great thing about a journey is the adventure of trying new things.

To add watercolors to your scriptures, you will need to prep your pages first.


I like to use Liquitex, matte medium. Apply with a sponge brush.


Simply apply to your margins, or anywhere you would like to paint.  Let it dry and then explore. 

Use water sparingly.

You can use a water brush paint set that holds water within the pen. There are different thicknesses. These are great for travel. The ones I use are from US Art Supply.   

A new product I just started using is by EIMA.  They have watercolor tins and pencils

[I am not an affiliated with these products.]


[I am not an affiliated with these products.]

Pens, Pencils & more

Gelatos, and soft gel highlighters do not leave ghosting. 

Gelatos are like a creamy crayon. They are good for covering large spaces. They are so smooth. I love the calming feel I get when I use them.

I like FaberCastle and Diversebee products. 

Micron pens come in different thickness, from .005 to 1. They are waterproof & permanent. They  can  be painted over.

I just started using Mr. Pen pens!

I really love them. They are smear resistant and dry quickly. THEY DO NOT BLEED. I use a medium point tip.

[I am not an affiliated with these products.]

pens pencils gelato.jpg

[I am not an affiliated with these products.]

Scraps of paper

Little scraps of paper are the best to add extra thoughts and ideas to your text.

Instead of throwing watercolor paper & lined paper away, I like to cut them up and use them in my scriptures to add extra notes.

I like to use tracing paper to transfer the faces of people I draw in the scriptures to have them travel to different pages. 

[I am not an affiliated with these products.]

scraps of paper for scripture journaling
Sticky stuff

Sticky stuff is awesome, especially when it isn't permanent.

Use stickies for tabs, punctuation marks, sticky pages for prayers, notes, references or to help you remember something you want follow up later.

Washi tape can be found in all kinds of colors, patterns, and some even have words.  

Products I lke to use are:


Bob's Your Uncle

Day Spring


[I am not an affiliated with these products.]

Stickers tabs washi tape.jpg
Sample Scripture page

Here is an example page using different types of mixed media:

Windsor & Newton watercolor marker


Sharpie highlighter 


Micron pen


Crayola colored pencil


You can't see this but I added watercolor in the water pot


Scraps of paper for extra thoughts, using  washi tape to keep them in place without harming the pages. 

*you can see a little ghosting from the other page if you look closely. 

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