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A Place of Rocks

Genesis 28-33

Jacob was not expecting the Lord to show up in such a desolate place.

A place of rocks.

Yet he saw Him.

He felt Him.

This changed Jacob.

He felt a witness that wherever he was or will be, regardless of the rocky, God would make it holy.

Jacob could and YOU & I can stand in holy places

even when WE are on rocky ground as we stay firm in our ways with the Lord.

The experience Jacob had was so profound that he created an alter.

He stacked his stones.

He called this stony place,


EL being short for Elohim.

For Jacob knew God was with him.

Do you have stones?

Are they stacked?

I thought of the stony places I’ve been in and how I’ve found Christ skipping rocks with me.

I haven’t always appreciated the hard & heavy of rocks, but I am learning to appreciate each shape and texture.

I can see how each stone has shaped me & help me develop my testimony.

Pondering all this made me think how WE can each build a bedrock of faith. With each stone/trial we overcome we can place it under our feet, creating an alter of sorts, like Jacob, symbolizing our sacrifice & dedication to the Lord.

Knowing God stands with US we can call it, like Jacob, Bethel.



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