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A Well of Blessings

I wanted to share one way YOU can make the scriptures come alive in your life.

Look at them through the lens of what’s happening in your life right now; the stories written are as much theirs, as they are YOURS/ours.

Genesis 23-27 shares the Abrahamic covenant & the blessing given to Jacob.

When I read Ch 24 about Abraham’s servant that prayed to God to give him a specific sign, to find a specific woman for Isaac to marry, I wrote on a post-it-note: Pray to God to show YOU a sign to make things known to YOU.

At the beginning of the year, I asked God to show me where to go, to share my offerings. I felt my little studio in a little town of like 3500 was too safe, too comfortable. I felt I needed a place & space to grow.

A building I had never seen before was calling me. I drove by it slowly, curiously for weeks.

Then, on Thursday, I had some extra time, so I decided to check it out.

I walked in and saw a coffee shop.

I’m not a coffee drinker, but felt like I should stay & see what else they offered. I spoke to a lady that told me this would be a collaborative space. She told me an open house would be held Saturday.

Friday night, I continued to read.

I came to Genesis 26. I doodled the wells Issac built. I felt their meaning and purpose. I wrote:




Saturday morning as I drove to the open house, I took out the invitation, the lady gave me, and noticed the words:

The Well!

The building is called The Well!

I felt an echo in my heart:

Go to the well!

Come to the well!

Gather at the well!

I stayed for 3 hours. It felt like home.

I felt I found space. I had a feeling to expand & extend my offerings there.

Saturday, I read Ch 27 about Jacob’s blessing. I thought of my own blessing, and of others who have received their Patriarchal blessing.

This reminded me of a gentle-guided journal I created to help others see their heavenly heritage & birthright, as they ponder their Patriarchal Blessing, creating action steps to share their talents & abilities w/others as they draw nearer to Christ.

The Lord is in YOUR story!

(See Genesis 28:15)

How do you see Him show up?

How do you keep a record?



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