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Every Knee Shall Bow

Thoughts while reading Isaiah 58-66

I couldn't help but think of the video clip President Russell M. Nelson shared during his closing talk at General Conference. [see: Focus on the Temple by Russell M. Nelson 10/2/2022].

The video clip began w/God speaking to the world; a calm still voice coming from above, “Behold my beloved Son. - Behold my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name, hear ye Him.” And then Christ comes down slowly & calmly in an amazing light of brightness introducing himself as the One that the prophets have testified will come unto the world. HE shares that HE is the light & the life of the world. That HE has drunk from the bitter cup, which the Father had given HIM, and have glorified Father by taken upon the sins of the world, and had suffered the Will of the Father in all things from the beginning.

As the people see HIM they automatically knelt.

Some were smiling,

some were in shock,

some were fearful.

After HE shared who HE was, HE said, “Arise.” and then encouraged them to come to HIM; see & feel HIM that they may know it is HIM.”

I imagined the image of Christ coming down from heaven to the earth while reading these chapters.

I recognized those who would be smiling when HE comes. They are the believers. They know of HIS glory & goodness here and have recognized & rejoiced in HIS blessings. They know HE is their everlasting light. They are preparing now to receive HIM, and are already in the act of gathering & sharing HIS gospel.

The people in shock, are in shock because they do not know HIM or that HE is coming. They have never received knowledge of His existence. These chapters share that they will be given the opportunity & time to learn & grow. They shall be gathered.

The people in fear when they see Christ, are those who once believed, but disregard HIM, have chosen their own ways, delight in their own doings now, rejecting HIM & HIS ligh now.

I pray to be one who is smiling.

I pray to be one who may learn more.

I pray that I will not go astray, and be distracted by my own way.

These chapters encourage US to draw nearer to Christ; to keep the Sabbath Day holy; to repent and be baptized; restored & redeemed.



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