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Expect miracles in YOUR life.

God has not ceased miracles.

There are patterns of this everywhere

in the scriptures, miracles before Christ came, miracles at His death, miracles after His resurrection & because I believe in the power of God, and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe miracles still happen today.

Have YOU seen miracles in YOUR life?

Do YOU believe in miracles to come?

2nd Kings 2-7 shares miracles performed by Elisha through the power of God.

Elisha was given the mantle to testify of Christ after Elijah.

Elisha did not testify as much verbally, as he shared a witness of Christ through his actions.

He performed miracles, for others who believed, by receiving the power of God to do so.

To make the scriptures come alive this week,

I looked for patterns; similar miracles performed by Christ through the power of God, and created a list.

I also thought of how I see miracles in my life and the miracles I would like to receive.

Perhaps YOU would like to do these things too.

Much is given to those who have faith & believe.

Here’s my list:

Elisha & Christ filled, increased, and replenished.

- Elisha gave the widow oil which kept replenishing.

-Christ changed water into wine which increased.

-God replenishes & increases people.

Elisha & Christ filled 𝘭𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 vessels.

-Elisha promised a son to a woman without a child.

-Christ filled a living vessel, the woman at the well, giving her everlasting life.

-God filled Mary with the living Christ.

What vessels has God filled, increased, replenished for YOU?

What vessel do YOU need to be filled now?

Elisha & Christ bring the dead back to life.

-Elisha the woman’s son.

- Christ raised Lazarus.

-God brought back a resurrected Christ.

Everyone has more than one thing to birth & bring into the world.

Is there something that YOU need to bring to life?

Pray to God, look to Christ.

Elisha & Christ changed hurt into harmless.

- Elisha changed poisonous plants into good nourishing food.

-Christ changed the heart of those who would have stoned the women who committed adultery.

-God, well, God changes everything. Too many to list.

What has God changed in your heart?

What hurt do you need to be healed?

Elisha & Christ healed the sick.

- Elisha healed Naaman the leper.

-Christ healed 10 lepers.

-God heals all.

What has God healed in YOUR life?

What healing may YOU need now?

-Elisha made a heavy iron ax float.

-Christ walked on water.

-God keeps us afloat.

What do YOU want to come to the surface? So that you may mend or renew?

I felt that Pres. Russell M. Nelson’s recent (4/2022) General Conference talk “The Power of Spiritual Momentum” went really well with this week’s study. A current prophet today encourages us to:

-Get on the covenant path & stay there.

-Discover the joy of daily repentance.

-Learn about God and how He works.

-Seek & expect miracles in your life.

-End conflict in your personal life.

Feels to me like that we can greatly benefit from these chapters to help us better understand & take action.

Look for miracles.

Seek & expect miracles.

Do you have a miracle you’d like to share?

See a similarity in the miracles Christ & Elisha performed that you’d like to add?

Please share in the comments.


Love & Light,



More suggestions to make your scriptures come alive:

Share a miracle you’ve witnessed by writing it out and placing it in your scriptures for your future self or your future posterity.

Highlight every time you see the Lord written.

Make your own list of miracles spoken of or seen. Include miracles you’d like to see.

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