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Generations & Generational Healing

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Genesis 5 & Moses 6

Genesis 5 felt so quick;

a simple timeline or genealogy chart, so I thought & drew it out.

For every man who had a child, there was a wife whom gave birth; I drew them out too.

I highlighted the individual names of men who taught their sons & daughters about God.

I questioned & pondered:

Why, out of all the sons & daughters born, are only a few named & of those who were named, why them?

Then, I read Moses 6, which shares so much more.

I came to realize that the names listed were those who believed in & followed God. Their names & testimony were written in a book of remembrance to share w/their posterity.

Could it really be that out of so many sons & daughters only very few chose to believe in God & walk in the ways of the Lord?

Moses 6:17 shares that the residue of them that believed in God left Shulon & dwelt in a land of promise.

A residue is something leftover from something greater.

And then it shares why this happened…

Satan had a pretty big hold on the children of Adam; rage came, wars, bloodshed.

Those who followed Satan were called the children of men because they ceased to have the Spirit of God to be w/them.

Those who believed in & followed God were called the children of God, they were few.

God intervened & spoke to Enoch.

God shared the Plan of Salvation.

God made Enoch a witness, God taught him faith, repentance, baptism by immersion & the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Then God called Enoch to preach.

Some pitched their tents to listen to the one they called “wild” because he came from the wilderness & preached boldly sharing messages that man cannot save themselves; only through the atoning sacrifice of Christ may they have eternal life & return to live w/God.

This knowledge lost, was now retaught.

A pattern of generational healing begins.

This pattern of forgetfulness has repeated throughout all time.

I’ve noticed, in the scriptures, that the further the people get away from a first witness of Christ or one who talked & walked w/God their faith dwindles.

Today we have a a prophet to share the word of God, to give direction, but we can also be a witness too.

What questions & thoughts came to you, as you read these chapters?



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