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God's Breath

God’s breath

I didn’t mean to draw Moses & God so close together, I was trying to draw their profiles like a vase, but made their noses touch. After doing so, I thought of the intimacy shared when Moses and God spoke face to face, even mouth to mouth. [Numbers 12:8 KJV & ESC]

I thought of the times in which I have been this close, to breathe in someone else’s breath; my husband & my children when they were young, our noses touched & eyes met.

I tried to remember when this stopped; when my children had grown up & thought it was too much.

I remember God’s command to be like

“little children,” perhaps it was so that we could love in this, the most innocent & intimate way, exchanging breath, looking into eyes with love & admiration, never flinching or pulling away.

I saw the pattern of an intimate relationship; child-like- Christ-like attributes developed with God in this first chapter of Moses.

I wrote them in my margins, I'll list them here:

  • look up often

  • call upon God by name, thru Christ

  • listen

  • ask specific questions

  • ponder; walking w/God

  • receive strength to carry on

  • listen again

  • hear Him: the Spirit of God

  • receive personal revelation

  • feel peace

  • give thanks

  • know grace

  • "feel" His face

All this like butterfly kisses.

Repeat like a breathing pattern.

God told Moses he was Their son.

What might God be speaking to you?

If Moses asked.

We can too!

Knowing his worth -

knowing our worth is so important.

Knowing whom he was patterned after -

knowing whom we are patterned after is vital.

Moses was - and WE are- created in the similitude of Thee, the Only Begotten Son!

This helps us understand God's love for us. We our Their children; our identity is that of God's sons & daughters.

We are children of Heavenly Parents, We have a noble birthright and are of infinite worth to Them. If you are not sure of this you must ask.

Moses was heard - you will be heard.

YOU are known & numbered, each of us has a job to do; one that God will instruct how to talk & walk, just like Moses - we must inquire too-!

I remembered a prompting given by Russell M. Nelson recently to ask God for help to know. I felt this included to know the truths about who we are and who God is. [Christ is Risen; Faith in Him Will Move Mountains 4/2021]

We can take action like Moses, [Moses 1:6] to know what we should do, who we should serve, who we are, and our worth, as well as make requests. We can ask for eyes & ears to see & hear spiritually, and to have the power of discernment. [Moses 1:11, 15, 27] God can give us the power of discernment to know right from wrong, good from evil, Saint from Satan; good, better, best, plus the power to remove temptations, deception & obstacles.

Our answers may not come like Moses, but we will feel God's breath fill us with peace and added strength to part our own seas. [D & C 6:22-23]

I know this not just because God helped Moses, but because I have felt God's strength and power too. God will help us: me & you. These are the patterns I see in the scriptures that help make my scriptures come alive, it's not just reading the past, it's about using the past in our present and future. I hope you will see the patterns in the scriptures as messages for you.

My hope is to be like a child and breathe in & out the breath of God, face to face, as I draw nearer to Thee.



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