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God Will Show

God will show YOU where to go. God will give YOU “land.”

God will bless YOU.

God will give YOU a new name.

But, YOU gotta be willing to get out of your comfort zone & feel some pain.

To start a new journey YOU not only have to recognize that YOU don’t want to stay where YOU are, YOU have to reflect, to see, to feel what YOU are missing.

What is YOUR famine?

What do YOU need?

What is YOUR desire?

What do YOU believe?

These chapters cover a 25 year period. (Genesis 12-17) They share a very complicated journey, w/complex people & problems.

These people pray to God, but sometimes they don’t understand & depend on their own reasoning rather than waiting & relying on God.

Abram, Sarai & Lot desired change. They were willing to get out of their comfort zone to have a better life & receive greater blessings from God.

They are learning as they struggled in real time. I couldn’t help think of me/you/us on a journey; learning.

I think when we make a mess, we receive a message in the things we can’t undo, developing faith that God will look out for me & you.

As WE seek for truth & righteousness. WE will go through some challenges & battles BUT, WE are never alone & shouldn’t feel lonely; God sent Their one & only Begotten Son; The Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Lord will guide & give instructions; the Lord will intervene.

Pray for strength.

The road ahead won’t be easy.

The Lord will ask you for a sacrifice & He will sacrifice too.

Sacrifices & trust will need to be made in order to conquer & change.

Abram was asked to lie in order to survive.

Sarai was asked to submit.

Lot turned his tent towards Sodom, was lost & enslaved.

Sarai took things into her own hands & gave Abram her slave.

Hagar wanted to leave.

Everything was messy & the Lord intervened & still gave blessings.

The Lord told Abram much; his seeds would be blessed, numberless.

Abram asked the Lord what he should do. The Lord would required another sacrifice from him & his wife.

The Lord commanded them to walk before Him perfectly, yet He knows they are imperfect, and so are we.

Through the Lord’s atoning sacrifice, WE are saved. Through our covenants, He gives us a new name.



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