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In the beginning…

God knew it was not good for man/woman to be alone. [Genesis 2:18]

God designed the world to have partnerships and unity in the form of opposites.

Dark came before light.

Opposites in partnership.

The firmament was spilt into Heaven & Earth. One above and one below.

Opposites in partnership.

Waters first, separated to form lands.

Opposites in partnership.

Evening & Morning.

Opposites in partnership.

Seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Opposite in partnership.

Let’s look at the rotation of seasons,

which reflect creation, before moving on…

Winter’s darkness & rest brings Spring’s birthing, which helps Summer’s growth, and Falls’ sloughing. This cycle repeats every year.

Sound familiar?

This cycle is repeats in a woman

as her womb prepares for life,

when she doesn’t conceive,

the womb sloughs inside,

then comes rest.

The cycle repeats every month.

This was not by accident, or coincidence, but by divine design.

Feminine & Masculine are opposites in partnership with each other to make a perfect whole.

She cannot conceive on her own

What masculine patterns do you see in the creation of the world? What feminine patterns do you see?

God created US in God’s image male & female.

Let me rephrase that,

Heavenly Parents



made us in Their image;




We are fathers & mothers first,not just when creating life, but when protecting and blessing life.

Our Heavenly Parents knew this pattern was necessary for creating life, again & again.

Just as dark was different than light, waters different than seas,

and seeds different from trees,

they each compliment one another,

they each have a partnership,

each is necessary, and opposite.

Opposition must needs be.

Looking at the patterns of the creation; Godhood fills me with abundance,

and assurance that everything I need is already here, either in me or around me.

When looking at the creation what do you see?

What unique qualities & attributes; what patterns & purposes do you see?

How will those patterns help you better understand the earth/world around you, and the people in your life?

Do you see an earth full of resources; well rounded relationships, and abundance?

Or do you see lack?

I feel like this is important, so important, because knowing our identity; where we come from, and whose we are, and whom we are patterned after, all that was created and provided to sustain life (temporal & eternal) should fill us with love & light, and discernment to know good from evil, and if we truly know that, we cannot feel lack, but joy and agency.



P.S. The black & white illustrations are available as a free download on the home page of my website for you to color as you ponder.

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