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It takes courage to speak & stand tall (lots & lots) OR it just takes the Lord standing by your side

Jeremiah wasn’t so sure he wanted to be a spokesperson of the Lord. Yet, it was written that he was foreordained to do so & the Lord stood by Him.

I’m pretty sure no one truly feels sufficient to be a spokespersons for the Lord.

I’m wondering about the things WE may feel insufficient in, yet WE may have been born to do.

Can you think of something you feel guided to do but don't believe you are capable of, so you choke them down?

Yet, with faith in Christ WE can ask for direction to follow the promptings of our heart and ask Him to stand beside us.

Christ can be our partner in almost everything, as all things temporal are spiritual.

WE must ask, nothing wavering, trusting in the Lord's righteousness to guide.

I NEVER thought in a MILLION YEARS that I’d create art expressing my faith, nor did I ever think I’d be bearing my testimony on social media & sharing wide-margin scriptures.

Yet here I am because of a prayerful plea to know what God wanted me to do.

A message came soft, yet clear- CREATE.

I created more of what I was familiar with:



decorating my home

Then I tried something new.

I started drawing.

I had not drawn anything since I was in grade school except the art class I took in highschool which clearly shared that I was not a natural.

Pretty soon, I was drawing everyday.

They were not fantastic pieces of art, but

every day & every drawing

had a message for me,

and often times a message to share.

Drawing faces of faith lead me to the scriptures, which led me to draw nearer to Christ,

which led me to Heavenly Father,

which led me to the scriptures,

which led me to the women in the scriptures, which led me to Heavenly Mother,

which led me to the power of the priesthood,

which led me to understand that I could bless & protect my family by drawing upon the Lord’s power,

which led me to a believe more, hope more, and rely more on the atonement of Christ, God’s grace & eternal life.

I am still working on standing tall & being confident, until then, I’ll continue to draw & share what I feel God has given me now.

This focus has kept me from what the scriptures share as backsliding in Jeremiah chapter 2.