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My Scripture Journey: Doctrine & Covenants-Introduction

I’m going to try to share small glimpses and reflections of my scripture study here, this year.

The Doctrine & Covenants are records of sacred revelations received as answers to prayers to those whom were seeking divine guidance & direction.

In 2019, our current Prophet, Russell M. Nelson, gave a talk directed specifically to women. Acknowledging that a woman’s nature is to nurture he encouraged the women to find their spiritual treasures, in doing so, they would receive personal revelation & guidance that would help them as they serve their family, friends & others, for the benefit of mankind.

I created a gentle-guided journal for the talk called Spiritual Treasures in case YOU are interested, you can find it on my website.

I want to share these words from the Introduction of the Doctrine & Covenants incase YOU are not a member of my church, and let YOU know YOU are welcome & wanted here. I encourage YOU to ask questions, if YOU have any.

I don’t claim to know all the answers but I’m willing to search with YOU. ❤️

“Although most of the sections are directed to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the messages, warnings, and exhortations are for the benefit of ALL MANKIND and contain AN INVITATION to ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE TO HEAR THE VOICE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, SPEAKING TO THEM FOR THEIR TEMPORAL WELL-BEING and THEIR EVERLASTING SALVATION.” ~ I added the BOLD CAPPS for emphasis, feeling that these are very important words.

All though these words were written approximately 200 years ago, the INVITATION FOR ALL of US has never ceased.

The Lord truly wants US to hear Him & know Him & He wants to share His guidance.

My goal this year is to continue to learn more about my relationship w/the Lord and my Heavenly Parents to increase my spiritual gifts, record personal revelation, to read this set of scriptures while maintaining regular scripture study in the Bible & Book of Mormon.

I may include, from time to time, references to these others scriptures here as well.

Do YOU have a goal to read the scriptures this year?

Would YOU like to join a group studying the Doctrine & Covenant? If so, I have a Facebook group page titled Drawing Nearer to Thee, we’d love to have YOU there.

I’d love to grow, learn, and draw nearer to Thee together this year.

Love & light,


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