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Placed and Traced

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

From the moment my children and I placed & traced our hands, as if to greet Mormon everything changed. It was 2017, the beginning of a scripture journey like no other. I wanted to make the scriptures come alive. I envisioned the spiral binding as large golden clasps as I turned the pages & thought of Mormon, his father Moroni & all those before him, down to the hands of Joseph who would translate.

This year, I’m going to try a new kind of scripture journey, sharing with you on Facebook each week.

You can find me there at DrawingNearer to Thee.

I’ll share my thoughts & something to encourage you to make the scriptures come alive,

and I hope that you will share, your insights with me.

My first suggestion would be to place & trace your hand and meet Mormon.

Ask the Lord to help YOU see inside w/ different eyes.

If you would like a wide-margin Latiker edition Book of Mormon, you can visit my website.

All of the scriptures are there. $20.00 For the Book of Mormon.


I requested permission from the church to print ALL the scriptures w/margins in 2017 for my family & friends & future YOU. In 2018, I received permission to do so commercially in the United States, keeping the foot notes, the explanatory notes & the cross references. I added wide margins all around & added extra notes pages through out. I used thicker paper (20 lb.) to experiment & explore w/different mediums. I made the text a little larger. This would be a workbook, something to get messy in & make yours. I added a spiral binding to lay the scriptures flat.

I truly feel as you open up the scriptures wide, not only will the heavens open up, but that you will begin to see inside.

Love and light,


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