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Repairing the Breach

Kings 21-23

There is wickedness & righteousness in the world.

Always will be.


Sometimes wickedness & righteousness is passed down from others.

From generation to generation.

And sometimes it stops.

Either wickedness stops


righteousness stops.

We see examples of this time & time again in the scriptures as we pass through generations & generations of people.

In these chapters wickedness was passed down from father to child twice.

Two generations reigned in wickedness,

doing all sorts of evil things.

The first son, Manasseh, became king at 12.

He died.

His son, Amon, became king at 22.

He was killed by his people.

It is written that their evil doings were so bad they could not all be written down.

Amon’s son, Josiah, became king at 8.

Perhaps it was because he was so young that he was tender hearted, or perhaps his mother taught him well, or perhaps seeing the death of his father & all the wickedness around him, he hoped for a different way of life?

Maybe he saw righteousness & light in others around him & he could tell the difference between wickedness & righteousness?

Whatever it was,


to seek a different way of life than his father.

He sought for righteousness.

He sent his scribe to the house of the Lord to inquire; repairing & rebuilding began.

The high priest gave the scribe a book he found in which all the laws of God were recorded, and sends it to the king.

The scribe reads the book to king Josiah.

The king wept as he heard the words in the book. He rent his clothes in remorse for what his people had done & to demonstrate that his heart is torn & he is ready to repair.

He now sends the high priest & others to inquire of the Lord.

They came upon a prophetess named Huldah. She shared the words of the Lord; enlightening them with the knowledge of good & evil.

She also shared that the Lord is pleased with the humble & tender heart of king Josiah & that he would be spared & given peace.

All this is relayed back to the king.

A great change begins.

A movement.

They make promises & covenants with the Lord.

They teach righteousness.

They push out all wickedness.

They begin to repair the breach between them & the Lord.


To make the scriptures come alive in YOUR life, our life, we can see that there is still wickedness & righteousness in the world.

WE/YOU too, can look to the Lord for guidance to see what needs to change & begin repairing.

We/YOU can seek knowledge from those that know more, to help us understand & guide us.

We/YOU can also pray to God on our own.

We/YOU can share your knowledge with others, this can be by mere example,


it can be through words sharing your testimony & the blessings of the Lord YOU have received in your daily life.

We can be the change.

YOU can be the change.

Love and Light,



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