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Scripture Journey D & C Section 1

Here are the things that stuck out the most while I read and studied the scriptures this week.

The Lord answers prayers to individuals, and to a collective group whom pray “let thy will be done.”

The Lord wants US to harken & hear Him, to turn to him, to give attention to His details & designs.

He gives US warnings for things to come. He wants US to listen for a voice of warning or wait for His signs before receiving authority, and going at things blind.

This book is about praying on every act & situation, trusting & receiving from the Lord. These words written in the past are for OUR present & future; God is now, then & forever.

This book testifies that HE SPEAKS.

The Lord has not forgotten those who have forgotten Him. He speaks to them. He wants them to see their sorrows & bring them to the light. He beckons them to change & do that which is right.

The Lord knew the calamity of past days, and knows OUR days right now. He sent & sends “a call to action” to those whom know of God to speak of Him, to share good tidings, joy, give thanks, love, and light the world, bear testimony w/all their might, that people may pray & bow, now.

He shares this through the mouth of His servants so others may believe.

With agency comes accountability for OUR actions, which include where WE lean in times of need, uncertainty & stress. - He gives US strength to bend & mend our weakness & cleanse US in our mess.

He wants US to trust in Him, instead of putting trust upon fleshy tables to tell time, or the fleshiness of others, looking for approval, idolizing others dreams. He makes US mighty, in our humbleness & provides for all OUR means.

No unclean thing can enter the presence of God. God wants US to rid ourselves of sin & work on becoming more like Them.

He knows that WE are not perfect, He recognizes that WE will err. This was known from the beginning; part of the gospel plan to share.

His Saints will be protected, given safety. Repentance is the balm that bonds; the everlasting key.

There is joy in joining w/others, seeking diligently.

The Lord encourages US to search the scriptures, to learn of promises & prophecy.

Love & Light,


Just a little glimpse of the hearts in my home that sit with me & study too.

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