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Abraham & Sarah


Lot & his wife

are Sojourners.

A sojourner is a temporary resident. This is not limited to a housing situation; it is temporal & spiritual; body, spirit, mind.

Abraham & Sarah were asked to leave their home, and their ways behind.

They became Sojourners when they accepted the quest, even w/questions of how.

They became Sojourners when they agreed, just as we’ve agreed, to take the test to build our testimony.

(Genesis chapter 18)

Is there anything too hard for the Lord?

If not, then why not partner w/Him.

The Lord wants YOU/me/us to ask questions. So, let‘s ask! Ask to see the glorious miracles He has for YOU/me/us, even if it’s just in little snippets, because perhaps, like Sarah we may laugh if we see/hear all the majesty & wonder at once.

(Genesis chapter 18)

People evolve. The story of Abraham shares a long journey. He first sought to rescue/save himself, then his family, and now he wants to rescue/save a village.

Sojourners stay close to the Lord; moving closer to God, increasing spiritually & temporally.

Sojourners aren’t complacent; they never give up or flee. They are willing to grow, try & fail continually because they’ve learned to apply Christ’s grace daily, not just towards themselves, but to others too.

Sojourners, like Abraham, Sarah, me & YOU will make mistakes. It’s inevitable. God knew we would, this why God gave his Son to save & learn how to become one.

(Genesis chapter 19:1-14) God knew we would need a Savior & a village; people to love & love us. God gave us families, friends, messengers, witnesses, and ministering angels to help us along the way.

A Sojourner never discounts the people they “just happen to meet.” They invite them in.

(Genesis chapter 19:15- 33)

Sojourners look ahead, not behind, back or let the feeling of lack overwhelm them. They don’t look to plainness; they trust in abundance, in God’s goodness & grace.

(Genesis chapter 21)

Hagar set her child aside, not sure where Ishmael or she would receive their sustenance. God heard their cries, and gave Hagar a well of water, symbolizing Christ’s living waters, and blessed her son to be quick with a bow & arrow. Neither would starve again.

Have you ever felt so much despair, thinking you have to give up something that you love?

Father God hears our prayers.

He says, “Fear not. Arise. I will provide.”

(Genesis chapter 22)

Abraham’s sacrifices, and ours, help us build trust in God’s goodness; trust enough to do the unimaginable.

Abraham is asked to give up his own flesh & blood; just like the Father & His Son.

Abraham sends one son to the wilderness, with little sustenance, not sure if he will survive; the other son he takes in a different direction, another wilderness; high on a mountain top, and creates an alter to sacrifice.

God intervenes, and saves both son’s lives, to one son He gives a bow & arrow, the other, a lifted sword.

God knows Abraham’s devotion & keeps His covenant with him; that Abraham‘s seed will be numberless.

A prophet now, has asked us to hear Him. Abraham knows the way in which God speaks to him, and when he hears God, he is quick to respond.

He says, “Here I am.” (Genesis 22:11)

(Genesis chapter 23)

As I read of the passing of Sarah, I thought of her last words. I listened to a song called, Once and For All, by Lauren Daigle.

Listen to it!! I know you’ll love it.

The opposite of a Sojourner is one who departs, leaves, flees, withdrawals from their temporary faith resident; they do not want to grow or change, they stop journeying; they rely on themself, no longer seeking God.

I pray we can help each other become & stay Sojourners.

What did the scriptures speak to you as you read this week?



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