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Tears, tears and more tears.

Heavenly Father & Heavenly Mother wept, the heavens wept, the angels wept, the Lord wept, Mother as Earth wept, and I wept.

Moses 7:1-17 shares a pattern of seeking after righteousness.

Turn ye.

Get ye up to the mount.


Renew covenants.

Seek to speak.

Seek to hear.

Receive the power of language.

Receive personal revelation.

Become a person of God.

Become a place where God can dwell. Become a person God can lift up, out of the world.

Become Zion.

Moses 7:24 shares a pattern of wickedness.

A great chain, also known as cords​ of sins. Psalms 5:22.

Darkness, which is the loss of God’s light. Isaiah 60:1-3.

Moses 7:28-41

Shares that God saw these things & wept; heaven wept & the angels wept.

vs. 32-37

God wept over those who did not seek the things of God.

God wept over hearts that were w/out affection, hating their own blood.

God wept over the people whom were acting upon temptations & worldly things becoming wicked.

God wept over the souls that were being dragged down to misery.

I wept as I read of all the weeping &

visualized the tears pouring down from heaven above covering the whole earth, creating a flood; it was as if I had never really read the story of Noah & his ark. The waters had new meaning. vs. 42-43

My mind turned to another flood in Revelations 12; a woman travailing w/child, coming to earth protected from the waters; given wings; carrying the child(ren), along w/One to save.

I have long felt this woman was Heavenly Mother. She would stay; nurture w/nature, bless & protect Her children here on/as/in the earth, so when I read vs. 48

“Wo, wo is me, the mother of men;

I am pained, I am weary, because of the wickedness of my children.”

vs. 49

“And when Enoch heard [our Mother] the earth mourn, he wept & cried unto the Lord, saying: O Lord, wilt thou not have compassion upon [our Mother] the earth?”

I wept.

But then, as I kept reading, 50-64 it shared the One & only begotten Son.


Tears of hope in Christ to save.

Tears that cleanse those who change.

Tears of blood sacrificed on a cross, so that not all would be lost.

Tears of a promise that Christ would return to save & bless; a day of righteousness.

Love & Light,


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