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“The Lord delivered me!”

1 Samuel 16-17

When David sees Goliath and sees everyone’s fear, he says…

Why are YOU,

the children of Israel,

the children of God,

the chosen; faithful believers in Christ afraid of the enemy?

Why fear the Goliath before YOU?

WHY when God is on YOUR side?

Don’t YOU know there is no fear in Christ?

He had so much faith he knew he could conquer.

Do YOU have a fear? a Goliath?

How could you develop more faith?

David knew through past spiritual experiences that the Lord would be w/him to bear his burdens & give him strength. He even shares a memory w/them.

Like David we can recall spiritual defining moments in our life to draw upon, build courage, deepen our faith & trust in the LORD to go & do.

I encourage YOU can recall YOUR spiritual defining moments and write them down.

David’s only preparation prior to this battle was his faith.

His tactic for defense is an intense belief in the Lord to bless & protect him.

His armor is the Spirit of God.

He took his stones; his ROCK, his SAVIOR & stood amongst the giant in FULL FAITH that he would overcome!

As I read this aloud, my son reminded me of a scripture I had him memorize when he was a child.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

I love that this verse has never left him & that he believes in the message whole heartedly.

The scriptures are filled with encouragement & reminders that when WE are with the Lord, who can be against US?

Furthermore, the words of prophets & apostles, elders, priests & priestesses remind US that when WE are appointed; set apart to serve, &/or anointed in the temple WE are given the power of the priesthood which is the power to access God’s power to bless & protect those WE serve, our families & ourselves.

Are YOU harnessing this power to strengthen & deliver YOU?

Perhaps you’d like to reflect, then write this in the extra note pages from in your wide-margin scriptures.

I know the Lord will deliver YOU too.



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