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Vessels & Voyages

Ch 6.

Noah and his wife,

their 3 sons and their wives,

harkened to the Lord.

Specific instructions were given.

300 long x 50 wide x 30 tall

Two by Twos


Seven by sevens

They entered the ark;

a sacred vessel;

an example of a temple.

Chapter 7

They knew not,

how long the journey would last,

they knew not how slow or fast.

They harkened.

They listened.

It rained;

40 days & 40 nights,

150 days the waters remained.

This reminds me that it takes time & sacrifice to change.

On the boat, they were afloat, they were safe from the world, and open to heaven.

Inside they would learn & develop;

looking to Thee for guidance and light to shelter them from storms, and gain eternal life.

I’m reminded of a Mother God who would gently rock, nurture & comfort them, a Father God who would bless & protect them, and the Lord who would ever cleanse them.

Ch. 8

The rain stopped, but was there land?

Noah sent a raven & a dove. (my youngest daughter drew the birds.)

The raven black, the dove white.

One came back, the other took flight.

Opposition, now set in motion.

God made a covenant with the earth, with the husbands & wives,

and every living thing, in their pairs.

God commanded them, as husbands & wives, to replenish and multiply; to bring new birth; new life.

Ch. 9

God made covenants w/Noah,his family, and every living creature that was w/them & future generations.

A promise made, mankind shall never be cut off by the waters of a flood.

God gave a token; set above,

a bow after rain to show God’s love.

Division came once again, a type and shadow of Cain; disrespect & disavowing the teachings of his father; Ham’s seed, Canaan’s seed, would be cursed over the earth they would be disbursed.

Ch. 10

Shem, Ham, Japheth, & their posterity, generation after generation, divided into their own lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

They were numerous & inventive. One of Ham’s kingdom was known as Babel.

Canaan, his son, followed after the ways of his father, whose faith was no longer in Christ to save.

Satan had made men again his slave. Within their borders, were the lands of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Ch. 11

The more industrious they became, the less they depended on the Lord. They sought for heaven by their own power & built themselves a tower.

The Lord said, let us go down;

they did confound,

their language to humble & save them.

so many things we can learn from the example in the scriptures.

Love & Light,



One family, and their closest acquaintances, were spared from having their language confounded. They harkened to the Lord. They were led to a promise land. The account of their story is in another testament of Jesus Christ: the Book of Mormon. They are known as the Jaredites, there. (Mosiah 28:17)

Here are some pages to share their story.

I found it interesting that in the records kept in the Book of Mormon shared that these people traveled by boat, led to a promise land by the Lord, (just like Lehi & Sariah and their family). When the Jaredites settled on a name for their land, they called it, Shelem, which was reminiscent of the lands of their forefathers, mentioned in the Bible.


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