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Gentle-Guided Journals

LDS Wide-Margin Scriptures

Heavenly Mother Art

My Patriarchal Blessing Journal cover

"Love, love, love every single journal I have bought! I have bought each one and they have all been such a great asset in my studys. I highly recommend you get them. Especially the Patriarchal Blessing one. I used to not really like my blessing but now because of the journal I have a whole new view and perspective that I never thought I would have. <3 If these were ever made softbound version I would definitely buy them again!"

-Victoria O.

Stockton, CA

Wide-Margin Spiralbound Scriptures

"If you live the Bible and want to be able to read it easily; make comments as you read and think about God’s words than this is the item and site that you have been waiting for - recommend site enthusiastically."

Barry B.

Huntington Woods, MI

"I love the wide margins for journaling."

Amber B. 

Dayton, TX

"Arrived quickly and in beautiful  condition - very excited about this."

Justine F.

Oceanside, CA

"It is perfect and everything I was looking for."


Mesa, AZ

"Will buy it again. Excellent piece."

Michelle L.

Grensboro, NC

Heavenly Mother collection

"I plan to frame this beautiful painting and put it somewhere my family can see it and think about Heavenly Mother. I am so happy to find that artists are creating art with her image as the main subject matter."

"I received this a few weeks ago as a gift and then ordered a copy for my daughter. The quality was great and the interpretation of this subject was beautiful! I have this displayed in my living room and hope to put more Heavenly Mother pieces around my home."

"This was so special to me and I will cherish it. You are so talented!!!"

Margaret G.

Las Vegas, NV

repeat customer


"I could not love it anymore! It’ll be a perfect addition to the wall in my daughter’s room."

Melissa B. 

Provo, UT


"Love this! feel so inspired and loved as I gaze on this in my office, and like there's real hope in the world."

Hawkins Family

Washington, DC


"Such a beautiful piece of artwork. My friend has recently started looking for more female representation to follow and this piece was perfect for her to feel her Heavenly Mothers love."

Kelli C.

Orem, UT

"Simple exquisite. No other words. I have the book, "The Girl's Guide to Heavenly Mother" which is a delight-- and has made me seek out more representation of HM. Hope one day to see artwork like this within each ward."


Jacksonville, FL

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