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A Coat of Many Colors

Genesis 37

Jacob loved Joseph more than all of his children because Joseph was the son of his old age. The scriptures share he gave him a coat of many colors.

When I read this I thought of his coat of “many colors” as his experiences; his firm faith gained, greater testimony, and ability to love.

Joseph’s name means increase.

I thought of the different mom I am in my old age.

I had my first child at 20, my last at 42.

I’ve had many colorful experiences which have increased my capability to share & show more love, not just for my last child, but for ALL of my children & the children of The Lord.

Joseph’s older siblings were jealous of Jacob’s mature love. They chose to be angry, rather than give grace to their father and acknowledge their father did the best he could for them in the past and is able do more for them now because of his experiences.

His brothers could’ve developed a relationship with their father & God, but they didn’t.

Because of this they were envious of Joseph’s relationship w/his earthly father & Heavenly Father, and the dream he was given.

The brothers took out their anger & frustration on both of them & even wounded them.

A verse that stuck out to me;

Jacob asked Joseph to go check on his brothers and their sheep, just before they sold him.

Jacob replied, “Here I am.”

He did not hide.

This reminded me of Christ, when He said, Here I am, send me.

Jacob knew not all, but he believed; he knew The Lord AND he trusted in Him to keep him & lead him safely along his own colorful journey.

The scriptures share family relations to help US examine OUR own relationship, helping US to recognize how we can change/repent & mend OUR ways.

As I read the scriptures, the words

“The Lord was with him”

stood out to me.

This made me think how The Lord is with ME & YOU in all OUR trials, tragedies & triumphs.

The Lord blessed Joseph w/



•spiritual gifts







The Lord can bless YOU/ME too.

What stood out to you?



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