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Make the scriptures come alive - 1 Nephi 1-22

Here are 5 ways to make the scriptures come alive.

1 - Draw out people, places, things: Doodling and drawing things in your wide-margin Book of Mormon will help you remember and locate stories to share with others.

2 - Seal your thoughts: Write out prayers to your family, share your witness of Christ's hand in your life, share your testimony, and your scripture journey. Seal them up in your wide-margin Book of Mormon for your posterity.

3 - Add Songs of Praise: Whenever the scriptures share that some one sang or praised the Lord, choose a hymn; sing it, create a piece of art while you ponder and praise; put it in your scriptures.


4 - Cross reference: Cross-reference to other scriptures, General Conference talks, and podcasts. Write down new insights and wisdom gained as you discover them.

5 - Journal: Keep a record of your days in wide margins and extra note pages scattered throughout.


If you want to see more ways to make the scriptures come alive, YOU may like to follow along on Instagram.


I believe as YOU linger longer in the scriptures YOU let go a little bit of the world and replace it with a bit of heaven. I hope however YOU make the scriptures come alive YOU will feel the Spirit of the LORD.  


Love and Light,



Have YOU started your scripture journey yet?


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