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The Passover

Dear friends,

I hope I can help you create lasting connections with the Passover this year as shared in Exodus 12-15. I humbly share that I haven't pondered this beautiful event as much as I have pondered and reflected on the teachings of the Savior in the New Testament; His life, healings, example, commandments and His crucifixion and resurrection.

Some believe Christ has not yet come, so the story of the Passover is a sacred remembrance that The Lord will come and deliver them. This is also why I believe my focus has been more on his birth and death.

For those who believe Christ was born, baptized, crucified, and resurrected, the Passover story is a pre-telling of His coming and saving and a beautiful witness of the Lord's deliverance known long before He came to Earth.

There are many patterns, types & shadows in the Passover story which you can see in the birth of Christ, his infancy, and his crucifixion and resurrection.

Christ's birth, death, and resurrection and the Passover story share that Jesus Christ is the only one that saves

Before I share different ways to use your creative and spiritual gifts to draw nearer to Christ, I thought I would share a few "types & shadows" that I see that may be helpful for you to connect and prepare for the Passover or Easter, or both.

Christ delivers US.

The Jewish faith and Christian faith have this in common.

Christ delivers us from bondage.

This bondage can come through the hands of others

or our own sins, which keep us from growing nearer to Christ.

Christ is OUR advocate; sent to save and help US return to live with God.

Some believe as I believe, that God is Mother and Father; Heavenly Parents together as one.

Christ was Their first born. The Atonement of Jesus Christ was/is vital to the Plan of Salvation, so we can be "At-one'' (as Their children too) to live with THEM again.

Christ was asking Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt so they could worship Him freely. Moses was a prophet. The Lord gave the children of Israel specific directions to save their firstborn through Moses.

Type & shadow: The Lord has given US commandments to help US stay nearer to Him.

Type & shadow: The Lord is also known as the First born.

Type & shadow: God speaks to prophets to warn and protect His people.

Type & shadow: When Christ was born there was a decree to kill all the first born male children. Christ in His infancy escaped this. The children of Israel escape this in the story of the Passover.

Direction was given from the Lord to Moses to the children of Israel to sacrifice a lamb with out broken bones.

Type & shadow: We have prophets today to lead and guide us.

Type & shadow: Christ is also known as the sacrificial lamb.

Type & shadow: Christ's bones were not broken on the cross even though it was customary. (John 19:31-33)

The children of Israel were asked to strike the sides of the door and above with the blood of the lamb.

Type & shadow: Christ shed His blood on a cross, on a board down and one across His blood did drip.

As you read the scriptures this week, see what types and shadows you can find.

Here are several ways YOU can use YOUR creative & spiritual gifts to draw nearer to Christ as YOU prepare for the Passover/Easter. Choose one, a few, or do something new.


Read the Old Testament, Exodus 12-15.


Doodle a house & a door in the margins of YOUR wide-margin scriptures next to Exodus 12:17.

“Strike” it across the sides & the above the door red with a red colored pencil.

Think how YOU are protected by keeping the commandments and further ordinances of covenants YOU have made with Christ.


Find a small picture of Christ.

Tape it next to Exodus 12:27.

The Lord delivered the Children of Israel out of Egypt, so they could freely worship Him.

Recall the times The Lord has delivered YOU.

Remember that He lets YOU freely choose.


Write YOUR deliverance story in the margins of YOUR scriptures next to the deliverance story of the children of Israel, Exodus chapter 14.

OR use the added note pages at the beginning of Exodus to record for your posterity.


Create a piece of art while pondering YOUR own deliverance story.

When you’re done share YOUR testimony w/YOUR family.

Put the artwork in YOUR scriptures for future posterity to see.


Draw out the Red Sea over the written words in Ex. 14:13-31.

While YOU do so, think how The Lord has intervened in YOUR life.

Thank those He has put in YOUR path to help YOU.

Offer a prayer of repentance; an offering to change and draw nearer to Christ.

Seek His help to deliver YOU from any bondage YOU feel now.


Take time w/the Divine.

Sit still.

Focus on YOUR deliverance stories.

Give gratitude to God.


Sing a song of praise like the children of Israel did when they finally crossed & were safe. Reference the song next to Ex. 15.